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Should You Drop Out of College? Is College the Right Choice for You?

One thing I know a thing or two about is college. I hold advanced degrees in multiple subjects, and I can tell you a lot about universities. I can tell you a lot about what you ought to realistically expect from your education, too. My grandfather, Howard Hughes Jr., dropped out of college. He wanted me to go to college, and he made sure that I was on the path towards it. Even in his last dying moments, he assured … Continue reading

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A Successful Frame of Mind: Recognizing and Eliminating Unhealthy Desires From Your Life

As part of my overall strategy for success, I try to keep in mind a number of different things.  It is essential to quantify your success with real world possibilities. A filmmaker should want to produce his first 30 minute visual piece, and an artist should want to create a masterpiece. Those are fine pursuits that many people have, and they are reasonable. A painter should want to produce something beautiful, and professionals should have a goal in mind. My goal … Continue reading

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Practice Makes Perfect: A Study Shedding Light on Our Natural Abilities

The emulation of great figures helps us to achieve success. Very few people do things that are truly original on an hourly basis, and people who urge you to “think outside of the box” are sometimes only complicating your life. Think about it for a moment. Almost every single important skill that you use in your life has been carefully and methodically taught to you. These same skills have been taught to many others. Why, then, do people urge us to “think outside … Continue reading

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How to Act Around Authority Figures

Authority figures are an integral part of your life, but you may not treat them with the respect that they deserve. Your teachers, bosses, local police, and parents deserve to be treated with dignity and reverence. There are far too many people that, for one reason or another, could care less for authority figures. This type of behavior has no benefits, and it is very detrimental to a person’s life. We sometimes have no idea when we are being rude … Continue reading

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How to Get Good Grades in College and Win Over Your Professors

If you want to know about how to get good grades in college, then you need to learn how to win over your professors. Success begins with a good education, and getting good grades will unlock many different career paths for you. Getting good grades in many classes doesn’t just involve studying. Sure, in math and science classes, there is more emphasis on knowledge and perfection. Still, students in those areas must take liberal arts courses, humanities courses, and many … Continue reading

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Throw Aside Your Embarrassment and Find Answers, Not Excuses

Being successful is about putting yourself out there. You have to take chances to build yourself into something, and you can’t dwell on setbacks. Look at this blog right now. This is an early post, and someday it will be one among a great many posts. I could just stop right here and say, “we’ll, I’m only getting a few visitors per day right now. Ithink I’ll just give up.” However, I am not going to give up. Success is all … Continue reading

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How to Choose Friends Wisely for a Better Life

How we associate with our friends is important, and we need to focus wisely on the ones that are right for us – and for a better life. This is your life, after all. These days, people are open to being friends with everyone. It’s the right thing to do, right? Sharing is caring, kindness is wonderful, and the more the merrier! Well, you might consider being wiser with your associations when focusing on success. Figuring out how to choose … Continue reading

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The Way to Success – A Daily Endeavor

In terms of being successful, it’s important to take your entire life into account. Stress, insomnia, fatigue, ignorance, and many other things keep us unsuccessful. Being successful is a mindset, though, and one that quickly develops if you gear yourself in the right direction. This blog is about having the courage to be a better person, and to find new ways to be successful every day. Sometimes, your personal development is hampered by problems. We all have problems that we … Continue reading

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