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French Revolution #5: Napoleon’s Great Loss in Russia

A lot of wars happened in 1812, but Napoleon waged one of his largest offensives during the latter half of the year. Starting in June, Napoleon mobilized the Grande Armée (three quarters of a million men) and marched towards Moscow. His official aim was simply to free Poland from Russian oppression, but he likely also had his sights on acquiring vast Russian territories.  To summarize things a bit, Napoleon made a horrid choice. The Russian Campaign turned out to be a … Continue reading

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French Revolution #4: The Status of Women During the French Revolution

What does “women’s liberation” make you think about? For historians like Suzanne Desan, the French Revolution should come to mind. Really? The French Revolution didn’t have the kind of impact that we might otherwise assume it did. Those achievements were only made during the 20th century, so I sometimes laugh at historians who force the topic on every subject under the sun. Sure, women tried to use the revolution to their advantage, but little of real importance came of it. Divorce … Continue reading

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