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French Revolution #3: Bastille Day and Independence

What do you think about when you think about history? The Roman intellectual and statesman Cicero once said that those who are ignorant of history live as perpetual children. This is true to a certain degree. History should be a more important aspect of a modern person’s general education, and high schools are woefully under prepared for the task. For me, history has always been about the opportunity to live in the past. At least in my mind’s eye. Why … Continue reading

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French Revolution Blog #2: American and French Rights

Rights are a fickle thing these days. Contrary to popular belief, they are not unalienable. Sorry Jefferson – you may have spoke a bit verbosely in the Declaration. The government can take away your rights when they deem it necessary. For instance, a person on probation for petty theft no longer has the same rights that other citizens have in America. They can be searched at any given time, and they cannot resist. This means that such a government can arrest … Continue reading

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French Revolution Blog Entry #1: Women and the Bourgeoisie

This is the first of a set of posts concerning the French Revolution. We can learn a great deal about life from history, and the French Revolution can teach us a great deal about managing a business or our own lives. King Louis XVI might be best seen as an ineffective leader, but let’s turn our attention to the class system of pre-revolutionary France. Do the Bourgeoisie really belong in the “third estate”? We can begin an examination of this question … Continue reading

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