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Practice Makes Perfect: A Study Shedding Light on Our Natural Abilities

The emulation of great figures helps us to achieve success. Very few people do things that are truly original on an hourly basis, and people who urge you to “think outside of the box” are sometimes only complicating your life. Think about it for a moment. Almost every single important skill that you use in your life has been carefully and methodically taught to you. These same skills have been taught to many others. Why, then, do people urge us to “think outside … Continue reading

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How to Act Around Authority Figures

Authority figures are an integral part of your life, but you may not treat them with the respect that they deserve. Your teachers, bosses, local police, and parents deserve to be treated with dignity and reverence. There are far too many people that, for one reason or another, could care less for authority figures. This type of behavior has no benefits, and it is very detrimental to a person’s life. We sometimes have no idea when we are being rude … Continue reading

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