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Passive Income Examined: How Making Content for Yourself Pays Off (or Doesn’t Pay Off)

Some people really don’t understand the concept of passive income. I mean, it’s not horribly difficult to understand, but I really didn’t quite understand the knowledge gap until today. Some people just really don’t get it at all. In order to make more money and float your way to the upper levels of society, you need to think about how to earn passive income. This is income that you make regardless of whether you work or not. Sure, most forms … Continue reading

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Expanding Your Audience With Keywords – Is Content Really King?

I’m a pretty fast writer. I mean, I can really crank it out when I want to. That’s a good thing for the most part, because I really don’t ever suffer from writer’s block. Mymind is very active, and I can type fast enough to keep up with it. I cranked out a pest website recently about killing rodents and insects like ants, and I wrote the whole thing up in a couple of weeks. It’s around 100,000 words of … Continue reading

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Throw Aside Your Embarrassment and Find Answers, Not Excuses

Being successful is about putting yourself out there. You have to take chances to build yourself into something, and you can’t dwell on setbacks. Look at this blog right now. This is an early post, and someday it will be one among a great many posts. I could just stop right here and say, “we’ll, I’m only getting a few visitors per day right now. Ithink I’ll just give up.” However, I am not going to give up. Success is all … Continue reading

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How to Build a Better Link Wheel or Tier Design

Some people get downright angry when you talk about link wheels, but how do you build a proper one? Some people will also say that this SEO strategy is obsolete, and some will go as far as to say that a link wheel will hurt your website. This is ridiculous for a lot of reasons. If a wheel really hurt your website, then people would just build crappy link wheels for their competition instead of themselves. Since people don’t do … Continue reading

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Selling Products on the Internet

If you’ve seen the new movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, then you probably know the name Jordan Belmont. This guy talks a mile per minute, and a lot of his stories seem unbelievable. He definitely has made enough money to back up many of his claims over the years though, both legally and illegally. We all make mistakes, and he has made a lot of them in his time.   I recently sat down and listened to a few … Continue reading

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