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How Do I Sell Things on the Internet? What Do I Do?

What do I do to sell things on the internet, and how do I do it? Selling things on the internet with a static webpage is quite an art form. We’ve all probably seen various examples. One of the most overly done methods (in my opinion) is to have one giant page of text about a product or service with a link to a “buy it now” page at the bottom. I mean, it’s just so obvious that these are … Continue reading

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Is Squidoo a Scam, or Can You Earn Money?

Squidoo is an interesting platform that many people think might be a scam or a waste of time, but can you really earn money on there? I’m not coming to this argument with any preconceived notions. I don’t have any lenses on Squidoo yet. I know that they generally rank better on Google than Hubpages, because they are more ‘on the ball’ about removing older and less relevant content. Is Squidoo a scam? Let’s find out. So, what I’m going to do is … Continue reading

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How to Choose Friends Wisely for a Better Life

How we associate with our friends is important, and we need to focus wisely on the ones that are right for us – and for a better life. This is your life, after all. These days, people are open to being friends with everyone. It’s the right thing to do, right? Sharing is caring, kindness is wonderful, and the more the merrier! Well, you might consider being wiser with your associations when focusing on success. Figuring out how to choose … Continue reading

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The Way to Success – A Daily Endeavor

In terms of being successful, it’s important to take your entire life into account. Stress, insomnia, fatigue, ignorance, and many other things keep us unsuccessful. Being successful is a mindset, though, and one that quickly develops if you gear yourself in the right direction. This blog is about having the courage to be a better person, and to find new ways to be successful every day. Sometimes, your personal development is hampered by problems. We all have problems that we … Continue reading

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